Saturday, November 8, 2014

Indianapolis Used Cars: The Case for Choosing Jeep Grand Cherokees

Time and again, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has proven that no one can walk all over it. It’s one of the sporty SUVs that was destined for off-roading, but it becomes a badge of pride and comes with an irresistible gruff appeal. If you’re buying Indianapolis used cars with performance, versatile functions, and distinctive looks in mind, this is one car you ought to consider. Despite its bulkiness, the Jeep Grand Cherokee handles well, especially for rough or uneven roads. Together with good tires, the traction you get from the four-wheel drive system and the weight gives you optimal control and acceleration. A vintage Grand Cherokee owner, for example, recently demonstrated this with his impressive parking skills. ABC News reporter Alyssa Newcomb has more on the story:

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