Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It’s Time to Buy a Car

Are you tired of your old ride and have you been wanting to buy a new one for a long time now? Well, the good news is that now is the time to head to a reputable car dealership to put those savings down. In January of this year, the new car sales rose 14 % higher than the previous year. If the new cars industry is making waves, it only means one thing: now is the time to buy a used vehicle.

As new cars are released in the market, the supply for used cars increase. This means car dealerships will offer good deals. Without a doubt, these used cars will be in good shape, but in lower prices as new car shoppers trade in their old ones. 

Now is your opportunity to get yourself a treat because both fuel prices and used car prices are down. Grab the chance while you still can. You have a wide range of used cars to choose from at Fletcher Chrysler. We have a great selection of SUVs and trucks and fuel-efficient vehicles if you prefer a smaller car. Get your money’s full worth and flaunt a new ride. Visit out Indianapolis car dealership to experience a topnotch car dealership service.

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