Friday, June 19, 2015

What Type of Car are You?

Each person has a preference for picking their own car. Whether it is based on function and durability, the type of car you choose says something about your personality. Most people perceive owning a car as a necessity, some suggests that it is a status symbol. So, what type of car fits your personality?

Small car/Hatchback

A small car suggests that you are practical and seek value for money. Small cars give better fuel economy; they’re convenient to park and easy to drive. It also suggests that you are someone who seeks status.

Mid-size Sedan

A mid-size sedan could mean that you have a family. You opted for the car that gives extra space for you and your family. Mid-size cars suggest that you enjoy the value of your money and freedom with company around.

Luxury Cars

This is the type of car that people with power and high status drive. They have a stable career and tend to burn a lot of miles.

SUVs/MUVs/Pick-up trucks

Driving an SUV means that you are adventurous and you enjoy being with some company. This type of vehicle is often the choice of people below 40 years old and enjoy a hard day’s work.

Did we get it right?

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